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Vital statistics
Name Margo
Gender female
Age 15
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde or Red
Other statistics
Gift Nothing, just being brave
Family Unknown, "Family" could be the resistance
Affiliation The Resistance
Occupation Resistance leader
Appearances Witch & Wizard, The Gift, The Fire

Margo is the fifteen year-old head of the Resistance. She was Janine and Wisty's best friend until she was executed by The One Who Is The One. To her fellow Resistance members, she was known as the "resistance bad ass chick."

She was killed by The One Who Is The One by being vaporized instead of Wisteria "Wisty" Rose Allgood at the public execution at the beginning of The Gift.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Margo is blonde and tall, with fair skin and pale blue eyes.

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