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Vital statistics
Name Janine
Gender Female
Age 19
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Other statistics
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Affiliation Wisty, Whit, Sasha, Margo, Emmit
Occupation Resistance member
Appearances Witch & Wizard, The Gift, The Fire, The Kiss

Janine was a strong teenage girl who was a member of the young Resistance team against the New Order. She was an occasional leader of the Resistance as well, and resided at abandoned super-store Garfunkel's until its bombing near the end of The Gift. Janine also bears feelings for Whit Allgood, and was a love interest for him alongside his deceased girlfriend, Celia.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Janine is introduced as being a pretty fifteen-year-old girl, with a round face and green eyes. She is thin, but it is said she had become thinner and more mature looking near the end of The Gift, to which Whit says, "makes her face even prettier" and "suits her."

Personality[edit | edit source]

At her first appearance, Janine was very stern and the current "leader of the week" at Garfunkel's. She takes her role in the Resistance very seriously, and jumps at a new mission when chances arise. Janine was insistent that Wisty and Whit stay at Garfunkel's upon realizing they are the witch and wizard of the prophecy, knowing that they could be very useful in the Resistance missions. She, like all other Resistance members, hates the New Order and The One Who Is The One with a burning passion, and Margo's vaporization only fueled the fire.

Janine, like many other girls, are charmed by Whits' handsome appearance, but begins to fall for him as time goes on. The two share a kiss near the end of The Gift, before Whit and Wisty depart for Mrs. Highsmith's apartment.

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